About Us

The Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce is Port Hope’s leading business organization providing maximum value to its membership by being responsive to our member’s needs.

Be recognized as the ‘Voice of Business” dedicated to Port Hope’s economic development and business prosperity.

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Shared Values from our Strategic Plan 

Membership Programs and Services
Be responsive to our members needs and commit to excellence in services provided. 

Policy and Advocacy Work
Engage in effective advocacy to bring issues that matter to our members to the forefront of the public agenda.  

Organization and Administration
Empower staff and enhance staff expertise.

Technology Planning
Build a robust technology framework that will guide us into the future.

Build a dynamic, sustainable, independent, representative, and effective business assoication.

Benefits of Membership

Plenty of opportunities for networking. The Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce holds various events, including Business card exchanges show casing local businesses, to encourage Members of the business community to become acquainted and interact with each other. We also have an annual golf tournament.

Our monthly Newsletter provides members with updates on local happenings, business trends and new member listings.

Workshops and seminars sponsored by the Chamber stimulate discussion and provide information to members of local concerns.

Access to an extensive, yet cost-effective group insurance program. The program is of particular benefit to smaller companies which could not otherwise take advantage of group insurance.

Annual decals and membership cards , to show the public (and your clients) that you are a proud member of Port Hope's oldest and largest business association.

Free certification of export documents.

Opportunity to participate in the Ontario Chamber Network and receive exclusive member-to-member discounts.

What does The Chamber of Commerce Really Do?

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Chamber. For example, there are those who believe the Chamber gathers statistics, prints nice brochures, visits new businesses, answers inquiries and advertises what a great place the local area is in which to work and live.

They are right, up to a point. These are fringe activities of the Chamber, the things done as a matter of routine because they need doing, but they alone are not why the Chamber is there.

The primary functions of the Chamber go far deeper than those niceties. The Chamber of Commerce is a catalyst - a common vehicle through which business and professional people work together for the common good of the community.

Recognized as the "voice of business" in the Municipality of Port Hope, The Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce has a longstanding reputation for bringing issues before all levels of government and lobbying for positive change. As a voting Member of both the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce ensures that the voice of the Membership is heard and respected at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels.

In any community, it is from the profitable operations of business that all other benefits are derived. Only by succeeding in this fundamental goal can employment be provided. These jobs produce the wealth to finance all the governmental, civic, educational, cultural and charitable needs that communities are faced with everyday. 


Chamber Resources


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